Our Values

Our Values

Our values are the cornerstone of our business and they are a reflection of how we act. As a family run construction company, our values are centered around how we treat our own families – People, Sustainable, Responsible, Respect. We commit to living our values everyday, whether that be with each other, our subcontractors, our suppliers or the public community.


We recognise that the key to prosperity resides within our team. Our people form the bedrock of our enterprise, igniting our passion, steering our progress, and kindling our inspiration day after day. We are unwavering in our pledge to extend to all our staff, clients, and shareholders the very same treatment we hold dear ingrained with respect, integrity, and unwavering trust.

Our team is incredibly hard working and knows the importance of having some fun within the projects.


We’re built for the long run. Our enduring commitment to clients, staff, and business extends well into the future. We are continually nurturing and advancing our brand, with a resolute focus on tomorrow in all our endeavors.

As the third generation management of Holmes, we are the guardians of our environment and look to hand over to the next generation a healthier and more sustainable company than ever before.


Our commitment is crystal clear: We consistently deliver on our promises, every single time. This unwavering dedication to our clients is the cornerstone of our ever-expanding portfolio, enabling us to seamlessly execute projects of all scales, from breathtaking private residences to extensive commercial and industrial ventures throughout the region.


We uphold a culture of unwavering respect, valuing every member of our team, our esteemed clients, trusted consultants, and dedicated subcontractors.