Kate Sheppard Apartments

A high-rise residential development in Wellington’s most prestigious address, the Kate Sheppard Apartments is a 10-level, 64 complex with two levels of on-site parking, all constructed to the highest standards by Holmes.

A strong commitment to working collaboratively with our client and an unrelenting focus on quality were key to success on this project. The penthouse apartments in particular were negotiated and fitted out to the highest standards seen in apartments at the time.

With parliament buildings opposite, and the site sandwiched between the High Court and Court of Appeal, keeping noise and disturbance to a minimum was critical. Holmes carefully programmed works over 18 months, carrying out noisier tasks when the immediate neighbour, the Court of Appeal, was not in session. We also factored the needs of the adjacent ‘Backbencher’ pub/restaurant into programming and communication.

The apartment complex was awarded the winner of the Master Builders Commercial Award for 2005.

Apartments Architect | Hunt Davies Tennant