Real Steel

As ever-growing successful steel suppliers, Reel Steel Ltd and the Gillies Group needed a large space that would last the test of time and act as a hub for both their staff and production plant. This project required extensive technical knowledge and planning ability as it allowed for the installation of a Gantry Crane sourced internationally. Timing was critical as this out-of-the-norm need was essential to the success of this project.

Being an extension of an existing factory, the nature of this project was particularly complex. Internal access and seamless construction to tie the two structures together was completed with excellent project management by the Holmes Construction Group team. This build was completed to a high standard using Holmes’ Coresteel; hot rolled steel. Our team brought their diverse skill set together to complete this project on time and allowed for a timely transition and handover to the client.

Gillies Group | complex installation of a Gantry Crane | Holmes’ Coresteel; hot rolled steel